Ontario Scholarships Without IELTS for 2023 – Apply Online Now

Multiple Scholarship Openings: Ontario Scholarships Without IELTS, Don’t despair if you have missed out on other great opportunities for Scholarships in Canada. We have a fantastic one that you can still apply for! Are you looking to apply for the 2023-24 scholarship session in Ontario? Various universities in Canada are taking in applications from applicants who wish to attain higher education at some of the best universities.

Ontario is the most costly province in Canada, making it unattainable for many to pursue higher education. Fortunately, the Ontario Scholarships help those who are unable to afford tuition fees – which is roughly $9,406 – which is more than other provinces in Canada.

One of the main advantages of these scholarships is that you don’t need to demonstrate an IELTS score. That’s especially helpful for international students, who might not be able to pursue a program due to their lower scores in IELTS.

Ontario Scholarships are a great way to cover the costs associated with higher education. In addition to that, they might also include residence, insurance, and monthly stipends. Read carefully for more information and to see if you qualify!

Details of Ontario Scholarships Without IELTS for 2023

  • Country: Canada
  • Title: Ontario Scholarships Without IELTS
  • Province: Ontario
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Category: Scholarships

The Benefits of Ontario Scholarships

  • The University of Ontario offers a range of opportunities for students to gain quality education for reduced or no-cost fees. This can be an invaluable opportunity for those wanting to continue their studies without worrying about hefty tuition bills.
  • Free Accommodation facility
  • Monthly Stipends
  • Health insurance
  • Travel Tickets
  • Ontarians are now able to access the resources at labs and libraries, allowing them to further their knowledge and research with ease.

List of Ontario Scholarships 2023.

Are you looking for a way to finance your studies in Ontario? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of scholarships available in Ontario for the year 2023. Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student, there is something here for everyone. We have included information about eligibility criteria, deadlines, and application processes so that you can easily apply for the scholarship that best suits your needs. So read on and start applying now!

#1. McMaster University Scholarships without IELTS 2023

McMaster University in Ontario provides its students with some of the best Scholarships available. These Scholarships come with full funding and a range of benefits. Here are some of the highly sought-after Scholarships that this university offers.

– The Mary Tremblay Academic Grant. 

If you’re in your second year of an MSc Occupational Therapy degree program and looking for financial assistance, these scholarships may be the perfect fit for you.

– The Schulich Leaders Scholarships. 

The Schulich Leaders Scholarships are a highly respected, world-renowned grant that is offered to those who are passionate about studying STEM subjects at the undergraduate level. If you’re interested, take advantage of this unique opportunity! The Schulich Leader Scholarships are ideal for those who have creative, innovative, and leadership skills. There is a great reward involved as well – it awards successful scholars with scholarships worth over $80,000 upwards to $100,000.

– Provost Entrance Scholarships.

If you’re an international student looking to join the first year of any undergraduate program, the Provost Entrance Scholarships are ideal for you. These scholarships can enable greater access to educational opportunities for those who want to make a difference in their future. To be considered for these Scholarships, applicants need to have a letter of reference from their high school teacher. There are 10 awards available with each one being worth $7,500.

#2. University of Toronto Scholarships for 2023 without IELTS.

The University of Toronto provides many Scholarships for students who have already completed their studies in English, thus eliminating the need to submit an IELTS Test. Apart from the IELTS, there are many other alternatives that you can submit along with your application. Here is an example of one of the various scholarship opportunities available to you.

– Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship.

Lester B. Pearson’s scholarship program offers fully-funded tuition to international students at the University of Toronto, with 38 slots available per year. It is a prestigious entrance scholarship and a great opportunity for international students to pursue their education in Canada.

Centennial College offers scholarships without an IELTS requirement.

Centennial College provides several scholarships that you can apply for without having to take the IELTS test. A few of these scholarships are listed below for your reference.

The Ainley Family Scholarships are a great way to help you finance your educational goals. They provide financial aid to deserving students in need of assistance and can make all the difference when it comes to pursuing higher education.

We are offering scholarships to full-time students of Architectural Technology or Architectural Technician programs both domestic and international. This scholarship is based on merit and is set up to give financial assistance to students requiring help. In order to be eligible for the Ainley Family Scholarship program, you must have a GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate financial need. Selected candidates can receive up to $2,500 in funding.

Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. Entrance Scholarships 2023[Apply Now].

This beneficial scholarship, worth around $1,000 is the only one offered. It’s only awarded to those enrolled in the first year of electronics engineering as full-time students.

– Shah-Desai Bursary.

Centennial College students in Biology and Environmental Sciences are eligible to apply for the Shah-Desai Bursary, worth $5,000. This scholarship is awarded to only three students every year.

3. The University of Ottawa offers scholarships without IELTS.

Candidates from any country can apply for the University of Ottawa Scholarships without IELTS if their academic education was conducted in English. These scholarships include:

– the University of Ottawa Admissions Scholarships 2023. 

Students who have consistently achieved a minimum average of 80% or higher in the Faculty of Civil Law have the opportunity to be automatically selected for the University of Ottawa Admissions Scholarships. These awards range from $1,000 to $4,000 and are awarded based on academic excellence.

– Professional Training Scholarships 2023.

The faculty of Law, Education, Common Law Section, Medicine, and MD Programs offer exceptional students a chance at scholarships worth $1000. This is solely based on their academic achievement and is only available to those enrolled in a full-time degree program.

– Faculty of Engineering Memorial Scholarships 2023.

The Engineering faculty, excluding computer science, is offering a generous $2000 scholarship to seven female students who have an admission average of 80% or higher. Don’t miss this great opportunity to help support your education!

4. University of Waterloo offers scholarships without IELTS.

Individuals who have completed their four years of education in an English medium institute do not need to submit IELTS while applying for programs at the University of Waterloo. The esteemed university also offers a variety of scholarships as part of its generous aid package.

– President’s Distinction Awards.

Students who’ve obtained an admission average of 95% or more in their first year of college are eligible for the President’s Distinction Awards. This entrance scholarship awards $2000 to selected students.

– International Students Entrance Scholarships. 

The University of Waterloo offers an International Student’s Entrance Scholarship to incoming undergraduate students who maintain an admission average of 80% or higher. Those who qualify receive a one-time scholarship amounting to $10,000 for their freshman year.

5. Queen’s University Scholarships for 2023, No IELTS Required.

Queen’s University provides Scholarships that don’t require IELTS for admission. Here are a few of these scholarships to consider:

Major Admission Scholarships.

The Major Admission Scholarships are available to students who excel in areas such as creativity, leadership, and extracurricular activities. The level of funding awarded can range from $36,000 to $80,000 depending on the candidate’s qualifications.

– Promise Scholars Program.

To encourage higher education and provide financial aid, Queen’s University offers a total of 5 awards to outstanding students who need assistance with their studies and living expenses. This is part of their aim to strengthen the freshman generation, by relieving the burden of financial difficulties.

Minimum Funding and Entrance Scholarships for Graduate Students.

Ph.D. candidates who meet the academic criteria are eligible to receive a yearly grant worth $18,000 for four consecutive years. These scholarships are designed to promote excellence in higher education and research.

Today we reviewed the scholarships available in Ontario to international students without IELTS certification. If you are looking to study abroad in Canada, then don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities! Various programs are offered for foreign students with diverse backgrounds to study in Ontario.


Today we reviewed the scholarships available in Ontario to international students without IELTS certification. If you are looking to study abroad in Canada, then don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities! Various programs are offered for foreign students with diverse backgrounds to study in Ontario.


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